Backdating tax credits

by  |  27-Aug-2016 06:26

Apply straight away if you know your income will drop to a level that means you’ll be eligible for tax credits.

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From what I knew according to their website that ur claim automatically get backdated to their date of birth if u claim within 3 months.

Received my tax credit award letter few days ago which stated they started to calculate my tax credit on the day I applied (18th) and not my sons date.

Now I am just wondering is this is so (that u can't get ur claim backdated to their date of birth because ur on income support)? They received the form on 8 march and paid me tax credits from 8 march to current date like you.

I queried it and was told the same however they have not given you the full information.

When you are on income support you can claim back to the date of birth if you were on income support before 5th february, ie sons birthday.

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