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Although You Tube may tell us otherwise; Bollywood isn’t composed entirely of movies where the protagonist can flip a semi with the touch of his hand and then kill five guys with one bullet, all while making out with a chick.

It’s actually a reputable industry with normal, sane movies.

However, for every five Bollywood movies, there are two that are You Tube worthy, two of them which flop, and the one successful one is usually a Hollywood rip-off.

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Here are 10 Bollywood mega-hits with ridiculously familiar plots.

The romantic tale of Bonnie and Clyde has captivated audiences since they hit the big screen in 1967.

It isn’t unexpected for there to be some copying of the tale considering its success.

But we must say Bollywood’s take on the story is pretty original considering the source material they had to work with.

Although, the film didn’t pass up the opportunity to give their characters funny little names (Bunty and Babli aren’t real names in Hindi, white people).

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