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It's just a big party." And with that ceremony now over, Raitt might have partied there longer than most - because with Slipstream she picked up yet another trophy for her shelf.

Even now, accolades just keep coming for 63-year old Raitt and Slipstream - her first album in seven years - has been acknowledged as not just one of her best, but another entry in her unique continuum of blues-rock, affecting ballads and sassy rock 'n' roll.

On the album is her co-write with guitarist George Marinelli Down to You, which sounds like it slipped out of a Stones' Exile on Main St session ("Oh yeah, we can do that Ronnie 'n' Keith thing") but there is also the stunning ballad You Can't Fail Me Now, written by Loudon Wainwright and producer Joe Henry. Joe and Loudon had written that for the Knocked Up soundtrack and Loudon cut it for his album Strange Weirdos, but I heard it on Joe's Civilians album.

Sometimes there's a melody that's just so out of the park, and the line about 'mercy is just a warning shot across the bows' - c'mon, get outta here.

That is so great." The exceptional song - now owned by her interpretation and neither of its writers' - takes its place as a sister song alongside her signature If I Can't Make You Love Me of 22 years ago.

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