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Buchwald liquidating trust

Therefore, companies should not overlook the prospect of bringing on one or more independent directors, Besides providing objective guidance to the company during its financial crisis, many other benefits can be obtained by adding one or more independent directors to the board.

Whether the company seeks to restructure in or out of court, it will need to obtain some level of creditor support.

Even in the absence of fraud or misconduct, creditors may be distrustful of corporate insiders who are viewed as having presided over, if not having caused, the troubles the company is now experiencing.

Quinn Emanuel has the preeminent structured finance litigation practice in the world. The firm is at the forefront of litigation relating to the financial crisis, including cases arising from the sale of residential mortgage backed securities.

The group has more than 150 partners and associates in New York, Los Angeles, Washington, D. However, we have experience litigating cases involving many other esoteric financial products such as: • Collateralized debt obligations • Credit default swaps • Structured currency derivatives • Structured notes • Equity derivatives • Barrier options • Basket options • Synthetic collateralized debt obligations • Knock in and knock out options Litigating cases involving these complex financial products requires an in-depth understanding of transaction documents and market practices.

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