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[Cam'ron]: Ya know me fuck a freestyle Ratha hit papi on speed dial Network busy, while I'm quick to hit redial Weed child, niggas know I'm good in the P now Any case no prob, Im'ma beat trial Bipolar, I can play senile Stand up, they sit down, they sit down, stand up, go on the stand all white right hand up Start to studder like da-da-dadaman, Damn Cam how you get ice in a rubberband?

How you get motherloads staight from the motherland?

Creep through ya window, something like Bruvamen Hit the elevator come to the top floor No, no movie what I need prop for?

Girl suck dick 'til the bitch get lockjaw Try and break in, two nines in the sock draw Vacations, beaches, villas but I'm from the zoo so I eat with gorillas Niggas say they sick but believe we the illest For the juice time high bb and the quillets baby (?

) Talkin' bout scrilla maybe But don't forget Killa crazy Crazy and deranged See I'm gravy at the range Rover navy is the range Buck 80 in the range Right hand in the Lamb with me Peanut butter ass nigga, damn Skippy Problem, counsel take it up Powder in my face, no I don't make it up But I do make it up, unwrapped, tapped, cut Cook it up, break it down some say break it up Bottle it, distribute it, hand and hand take ya cuts Sick accountant money, all I get is paper cuts The Government, crib still buggin' it Gettin' big M's uh-huh, I'm lovin' it You see my crib in Florida, you say I'm on some sucka shit Whoever don't like it, too bad suck a dick No Homils, Harlem cold chills No ski slope, but its coke hills I'm the don in Millan where I blow mills You the .99 Cent store, no frills Wanna battle me?

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