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by  |  28-Nov-2014 22:19

The Harvey Pekar Tribute was held at the Cleveland Heights Main Library on Tuesday night.

There was a great turnout, and many had the opportunity to share stories about the impact Harvey had on their life.

Steve Presser was the master of ceremonies, but really, so was Joyce Brabner, as she offered her own insight into several of the reminiscences.

Read about the Harvey Pekar Memorial Statue and how to contribute.

Joyce asked me to read from the as-yet-unpublished Harvey Pekar's Cleveland, which should be required reading everywhere.

You may soon be able to acquire an illustrated history of Cleveland, dating back to the real Indians to the present, as well as Harvey's place in it all.

I was struck by and delighted to read that he chose to include full-throated support for the CH-UH school system in this work.

These are my reasons for supporting this CH-UH School Levy, Issue 6: I am a twenty-year resident of Cleveland Heights.

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