Consolidating democracy prerequsites

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The paper is focused on Putin’s Russia, due to limited space, but also as Russia has undergone a period of economic growth, which some scholars (Lipset,1966) postulate sustains democracy. It is the hypothesis of this paper, that the lack of democratic consensus amongst the political elite is accountable for the democratic impasse in Putin’s Russia.The paper will first outline the discourse on democratic-consolidation, with particular reference to approaches applicable to this paper.

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First, there is significant semantic ambiguity surrounding the meaning of democratic-consolidation.

Traditionally the term referred to the challenge of preventing authoritarian regressions and securing the survival of new democracies (Schedler, 1998, p.2).

Schedler (1998) argues that scholars use it to describe; diffusion of democratic values; neutralisation of anti-democratic actors; the role of party building; and decentralisation of power (p.2).

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