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The popular paper takes a centre-right political stance and is considered to be the voice of ‘Middle-England‘.

It strongly defends conservative or traditional values and regularly speaks-out against liberal views.

Although now printed in tabloid format, the Daily Mail continues to position itself in the middle market between the tabloid and broadsheet newspapers.

The first edition of the newspaper was printed in broadsheet format on 4th May 1896.

When Lord Northcliffe died in 1922, Lord Rothermere took full control of the paper and it would subsequently pass down through the generations of his family.

His son Esmond Harmsworth (2nd Viscount Rothermere) was appointed Chairman of Associated Newspapers in 1932 and Esmond was then succeeded by his son Vere Harmsworth (3rd Viscount Rothermere) in 1971.

An old archive edition of the Daily Mail newspaper is a very memorable birthday or anniversary gift.

Recipients love to read what was happening in the news on their date of birth or on the day of their wedding.

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