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How much does this divide matter, and what are people’s ideal preferences for choosing a romantic partner when it comes to political ideology? Perhaps there will soon be more scientific data on this topic in the future, particularly as it relates to the 2016 election.

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But what ramifications does continued contact with an ex have when one or both individuals find themselves in a new romantic relationship?

In one recent study the authors wanted to know why former partners communicate with each other, and whether motives for keeping in touch with ex-partners are what really matters for how communication affects the new relationships.

The researchers found that about 40% of undergraduates in long-term relationships maintained communication with at least one former partner. A friend recently asked me for advice regarding a breakup.

When it comes to building communities of interconnected friends and family, how does marital status influence the links between people?

Who interacts more with their neighbors, friends, and family-- married people or their single counterparts?

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