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I took her home and as I parked in front of her house we kissed (First Base).

One kiss turned into two, and the intensity levels escalated too arriving at Second Base pretty quickly. We reached Base Four that same night…And I think I only actually allowed this one to happen because it was a long distance one. First Base actually happened towards the end of that day.

The only reason we didn’t go straight to third base was because she was allergic to latex, and so we had agreed to both being checked for STDs before doing anything (Safety First kiddos! something else happened that escapes classification. Still in the car we ended up manually pleasuring each other, much to the delight of a group of girls, who happened to spot us as they came back home from a night clubbing…She was a chef in a restaurant I used to go to. We didn’t see each other for nearly four months after that, but the wonders of technology made up a bit for the long distance and the lack of opportunities we had to meet.

We got friendly, had a few coffee dates which then progressed to drinks and a movie. Third and Fourth Base only actually happened on our third date, five months after we met.

The relationships between relative and absolute contributions of resources and perceiving oneself as being powerful in the dating relationship were examined for 50 dating couples.

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