Dating european women vs american Filipina mobile chat

by  |  24-Sep-2014 04:10

- I am not trying to offend anybody with this posting and in case I do I apologize - Through my company, I haven lucky to have had the opportunity to live in different corners of the world and experience many different cultures.Getting to see multiple cultures ads more knowledge but also sometimes makes you ask questions.While living in Europe I was lucky enough to have meet a very smart and gorgeous women, we dated for a few years when I asked her to marry me.

One of the things that I can say happened personally to me and to some other co-workers is that we started preferring dating European women and no longer even consider dating American women. Here is a comparison of what we have come up with, again this are just general and some of them might be a stereotype.

Trying to figure out the cultural difference's between European and American womens to try to figure out "Why? But that is why we want to discuss them here.- Most European women are very Independent, they want to have some life outside of the relationship.

American women want to do everything as a couple.- Most European women prefer to be financially responsible, like they would rather pay for their own dinner when in the US, its automatically expected that guys have to buy gifts and pay for dinner.- European women prefer to be healthy, have very active lifestyle.

Going to the gym, biking and walking is the thing to do.

I am not saying that all American women are not into a healthy lifestyle but its certainly a small percentage in comparison.

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