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It was established with the help of Angeline Cross, who works at the prison advising female offenders on housing and benefits options after their release.She is a member of another WI branch to ensure Bronzefield mirrors the events and agenda of a typical session.She told the magazine WI Life: “During our meetings, the women forget that they’re in prison and instead feel part of something that’s really special, where learning new skills and getting to know new people offers a huge boost of confidence.

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Members are very proud of their WI being the first to be established within a prison.” One 28-year-old inmate named Gemma has been inspired to start her own bakery business on release after winning a WI baking contest.

She was able to present her winning cookie to Princess Anne, who was visiting the jail.

She said: “The most inspiring thing about being a member is being able to apply my new skills on the outside,’ said Gemma.

‘I can’t wait to try out some new recipes for my Mum and possibly join a new WI after this.

“It’s great that we have a mix of ages – we have different views and the older generation can pass on their skills to us.

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