Ex starts dating again validating credit card

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(This is the only episode of the first 3 seasons that Jonesy was not fired from a job.) Everyone is for it, except Jen.

Therefore, the gang makes numerous tries to get her to call in sick.

Nikki doesn't accept Caitlin as a friend, since she has known the others since kindergarten.

Jen ends up going to the amusement park, where Coach Halder catches her and puts her on probation, she however, doesn't care and continues having fun. Meanwhile, Jonesy gets employed by Ron the Rent-a-cop.

Jen drives the car in the atrium into the fountain, and Jonesy gets fired.

Ron makes Jonesy take off his uniform in front of the whole mall.

As of February 11, 2010, 91 episodes (plus 2 one-hour special episodes) of 6teen have been aired, 52 of which have been released on DVD.

The first 13 episodes of Season One were also released in a DVD box set, 6teen: The Complete First Season, on November 13, 2007; Jen, Nikki, Jonesy, Jude, and Wyatt have all been friends since kindergarten.

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