Founderdating dating in samoa

by  |  30-Apr-2015 13:40

Founder Dating is a network of talented entrepreneurs with different backgrounds and skill sets all ready to start their next company or project.All too often you know people with similar backgrounds and skills sets to your own.


As you may know, Founder Dating is a large curated community for finding advisors and cofounders.

Their Q&A platform (similar to Quora) -FD: Discuss- has a 90% response rate in addition to a very large userbase of entrepreneurs.

In essence, their offering was very similar to the Co Founders Lab platform.

With Co Founders Lab and Founder Dating now combining efforts, our reach runs deep, allowing entrepreneurs to access the resources they need to thrive from team matching algorithms, to community discussion boards and a variety of the ultimate platform where company creation and growth is fortified.

Founder Dating, was originally launched in 2012 by Jessica Alter.

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