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Do you miss happy mail, you know, the kind that has nothing to do with bills or adverts?

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Your name (it can be your online name for now): Your country: Are you willing to exchange letters internationally: Age range: 18-25/ 26-30/ 31-40/ 41-50/ 50+ Do you prefer a specific age range: Gender: Do you prefer a penpal of a certain gender, and if so, which one: General blurb about yourself (what do you want us to know, give potential penpals an idea of who they'll be writing to): Other information/criteria: Email to contact you at (this can be a link to your blogging profile if you prefer): Here's how it works. If they're interested in finding a penpal, they scroll through the listings and contact the person(s) they'd like to exchange letters with.

The 2 of you make arrangements (exchange info/coordinates) and away we go.

I cannot guarantee that you'll find a penpal, nor that they will write for years, but I would ask anyone who is interested in joining the list, be serious about the idea of having a snail mail penpal.

If you find that you've received enough penpals, you can come back and comment again, saying you're good for now, or contact me and I'll remove the comment listing your information.

When and if you're ready to join the fray again, drop another comment into the list. If you want to participate in this exchange you must create a profile so that the person you contact can get a sense of who you are. Exchange emails a bit before handing out your address. Remember that if you're looking for a penpal, don't just wait for someone to contact you. Take charge of who you write by making the decision for yourself!!! If at ANY time you feel like you aren't comfortable with something, please email me at: aradiascauldron @ gmail . That said, please don't hold me responsible for who contacts you if you sign up.

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