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They treat a woman's brain like it's just her vagina's doorman. It's always nice to get a compliment but my initial reaction when guys do this is kthxbai! And it's hard for us to get boners for you when we are busy feeling sad. It sets you up to blame women for your own loneliness. Women are not obligated to like you because you are "nice" to them, and the implication that they are is, in fact, the opposite of "nice." 4. If this is a serious issue for you—if you really and truly are coming across as repellant to the women you're hitting on—your money might be better invested in therapy. Even the oiliest dating coach and I can agree on this—confidence is a major factor in attraction. There are two ways to not take rejection personally: You can be the kind of person who recognizes and forgives other people's completely mysterious and bizarre agency and circumstances, and understands that strangers' lives have nothing to do with you.

And I am repulsed by pretty much anyone, at any time of day, no matter how hot they are, who talks to my vagina instead of my brain. The only dudes who are capable of pulling off PUA tricks are the ones who don't need them. Even if you could learn to pull it off, you don't need to be a smarmy charm-genie to get people to like you. I mean, obviously not all of us hate it—women are not monolithic (which, again, is why you cannot trick women into fucking you using any kind of a "system"!!! I'm always in a hurry and generally speaking the average guy who walks up to me is not going to have a lot in common with me. (Sidenote: Remember that we might not end up getting boners for you either way, because we are people. But you don't get confidence from cheap tricks, you get it from dealing with your shit. Don't just spray cologne on it and expect women not to notice that shit is shit. Remember the part about how women want to be talked to like human beings? you can be the kind of person who doesn't take things personally because a dating coach taught you that women are just statistics—just numbers—and a certain number of them are going to reject you.

The reason PUA shit works for PUA coaches is because they're great actors—they've mastered the art of disguising that commodification as genuine interest. Smart people can see through that garbage anyway, and it will make them hate you.2. Try actually getting to know them—organically, not aggressively—based on real conversations about shared interests. There is only one valuable thing you might learn from a dating coach, and I will give it to you for free right now. The first way is real, and you can only teach it to yourself.

Trying to truly understand what women want from men is moving ball.

As a dating coach I have learned most women have no clue of what they want in men.

If you’ve been following my advice for a while, you know how passionately committed I am to helping women find their footing when it comes to love and relationships.

you attention and/or genital touching simply because you're noble enough to refrain from being an abusive dick-monster. We don't like it and we will continue to complain about it, but we can deal with it.

It's shitty to tell women that they're incompetent at handling their own lives, simply because their life choices don't include handling your genitals. I'd prefer for guys NOT to randomly approach me..ever. So if our discomfort is not enough to get you to stop, then please understand that this dating-strategery-PUA-advice-coaching-sorcery shit is harming you (almost) as much as it's harming us.

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