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What administrative functions does the Infoblox provide?

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The Infoblox allows configuration of dynamic ranges and fixed hosts with range/host-specific settings (such as DNS servers, gateways, lease timers, MAC access lists, DHCP custom options, etc) similar to Net ID. In addition to serving as the administrative interface to the DNS, the Infoblox acts as the DNS master for and a number of other zones.

This means that the configuration on the infoblox server propagates to the primary campus name servers (such as, and, which are responsible for replying to actual DNS queries from hosts.

Campus admins will be able to configure resource records for any sub-domain owned by their department.

Records in the upper level zone (such as will continue to be maintained by the campus hostclerk([email protected]).

My VLANs are behind a departmental firewall and I use campus DHCP, are there changes I need to make? In order for the DHCP requests on your subnet to make it to the Infoblox, you will need to update your DHCP relay address to (most likely set to currently).

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