Is peter andre dating alexandra burke

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Despite being famously rejected from the show three years ago by Louis Walsh, bookies favourite Alexandra, 20, from North London, finally saw her lifelong dream come true as she beat boyband JLS and clinched a 1 million record contract.

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The 80s star has been undergoing exhausting treatment for kidney failure and has been too ill to attend the previous live shows.

But determined not to miss out on her daughters big moment, Melissa joined family and friends as Alexandra performed her debut single, a stunning version of Leonard Cohens!

caught up with a very excited Alexandra after the final and the star told us how she almost gave up on her music career and what she learnt from Cheryl I remember crying to my sister and saying, I want to give up on music because its only bringing heartache and I dont know how Im going to get a deal.

There was no plan and no intention to come back to the show but my mum and little brother begged me to do it and at the last minute I did and got through. I got quite scared [that she would miss it] because I thought her dialysis treatment was the night before but when I phoned her on the morning of the final she was at the hospital.

She said, Even if they have to drag me from my bed Ill make the show.

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