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An organized collection of Internet statistical surveys.

What glory: The highest technology artifacts in the world have become our masters, reintroducing us to human slavery more than a century after its abolition," writes Dertouzos, late director of M. The book describes one of the projects Dertouzos was working on -- M. T.'s Project Oxygen, a system of hardware, software, and communications designed to fulfill his vision that "[i]n the future, computation will be freely available everywhere, like batteries and power sockets, or oxygen in the air we breathe." For more information about Project Oxygen, see Board was developed to address the shortcomings of current search engine technology to accurately find and display information contained on the Webs forums and message boards.

Founded in May 2000 by engineers and students from the University of Michigan, uses proprietary software that allows users to search the forums and message boards in a particular topic area, thus allowing users to share information in a truly global sense...

There's More to E-Commerce Than Online Profits A lack of profits was probably the biggest reason why the Internet bubble burst.

Now, though, Jupiter Media Metrix says offline retailers relying on online profits are wrongly judging the success of their Internet investments.

The difference lies in the number of channels available. article ID=2996 e-Commerce Obstacles Consumer spending is one of the few bright spots on the world's economic horizons, but all is not well online.

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