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It's been three years since Jon and Kate Gosselin split, so is the mom of eight dating again?

"I have learned that, you know, a juice cup spilled on a table is like, really if that is the worst thing I have to deal with today, I'll take it!

"Adding, "So, really a lot has changed for me and I have grown up.

Going through such a public divorce, and feeling like you have to fight for your kids every day and the things that protect them and the things that are important for them has really, really, really made me realize what is important -- and it's them."VIEW THE PHOTOS: A Look Back: Jon & Kate Gosselin’s Family Photo Album Protecting her children is paramount to Kate, and she takes many steps to keep their little eyes from reading endless Internet stories about the demise of their parent's relationship.

In fact, Kate said the kids are "not allowed to Google."VIEW THE PHOTOS: Kate Gosselin’s Sexy ‘Dancing’ Transformation "If they have school projects, I log them into the laptop and I log them out and they're very respectful because they know that stuff is out there," she said.

"I remember one time Jon, early on, left a tabloid, a magazine laying around and [daughter] Maddie found it and it devastated her.

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