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After their trysts behind the high school, she dropped him off near his home and drove back to her home, she told police.The Lebanese would die of boredom if they didn’t have access to other people’s lives on social media.After social media became busy with the political opinions of Fairuz and whether the Grand Mufti’s son Ragheb Qabbani got married in a civil ceremony, in the past two days it has become preoccupied with dissecting the morals of skier Jackie Chamoun, who is representing Lebanon at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.

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Twitter users utilized the hashtag #Strip For Jackie to post half-naked pictures of themselves along with supportive comments for the Olympic champion.

The initiative started when Cyril Reaidy published a half-naked picture of himself along with the hashtag #Strip For Jackie.

Then Twitter user “Pattie” did the same while holding a sign that said, “I'd rather support nudes than get killed in a bombing thank you." Pattie received supportive comments about her positive image.

A woman caught having sex in a car behind Lebanon High School insisted to police that she had no idea her partner was only 15 years old.

Natalie Westefeld, 25, Fort Leonard Wood, is charged with three counts of statutory rape and three counts of statutory sodomy.

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