Martin king whyte dating

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Part of his appeal was his predominant role in the black community and part of it was personal.During the last ten years of his life, Martin Luther King was the most important black man in America.That fact alone endowed him with an aura of power and greatness that women found very appealing. He was good company, something that cannot always be said of heroes.

But he also had a personal charm that ingratiated him with members of the opposite sex. On the other hand, even though Abernathy risked a lot of ostracism from his peers after writing about Martin Luther King's infidelities, Abernathy never ever claimed that King engaged in orgies or that he had sex with white women, prostitutes or otherwise.

He was always gracious and courteous to women, whether they were attractive to him or not. The most likely reason that he never made claims like that is because those claims are untrue.

Abernathy had no incentive to keep silent about tales of orgies or prostitutes, even if they had been true.

The evidence is quite solid that Martin Luther King, Jr.

did cheat on his wife, but the claims that he engaged in orgies or that he had sex with prostitutes, white or otherwise, appear to be totally undocumented at best and complete bunk at worst.

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