Online dating hook

by  |  17-Nov-2014 06:18

Needless to say, although people started having casual sex a little more frequently in the 70’s, its rise was at a standstill. Match was one of the first to come out, giving people the power to not only broaden their list of potential mates but also approach one another with more confidence.

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That being said, dating platforms finally gave people the freedom to openly ask for sex without risk of harsh rejection.

If the other person isn’t into it, no harm was done and a long list of potential matches still lingered at your fingertips.

Dating platforms caught onto this trend and to simplify the process of hooking up they even began asking their users the kind of relationship they were looking for.

It seems that our culture has many different opinions on the topic of “hooking up”.

Some describe the act as sleazy and degrading, while others describe it as natural and empowering.

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