online dating services paauhau hawaii - Online dating mostly unattractive women

by  |  15-Mar-2015 14:14

I noticed that handsome asian men don't get many replies.The only replies I got were from over weight or unattractive women.When I changed my picture to a handsome white guy, I got tons of replies from attractive women (white, black, latina).

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I noticed that handsome asian men don't get many replies.

It seems that a great majority of attractive women (mostly white) are a lot more closed minded than they care to admit.

Latinas and black women are less closed minded (prolly cause they understand what it is like to be a minority).

Most white women that I met act like thier [email protected]%* don't stink.

Why can't these women own up and just admit that they are closed minded to dating asian men?

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