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A source told the New York Daily News newspaper: "Cameron and Diddy seemed only to have eyes for each other. At one point, Cameron spoon-fed Diddy her bread pudding."After some whispering, Diddy nodded toward Prince's mansion. Diddy was bringing his lips toward hers when he realised someone was approaching.

Smiling, they closed the theatre's door and locked it.

We heard them giggling inside."This isn't the first time the pair have been romantically linked.

'" The insider adds: "He was bummed, saying, ' She's the sexiest girl in the world.'" Well good.

Before Benji, Cam was always attracted to the ones who treated her like sh-t: Justin Timberlake Alex Rodriguez Puff Daddy Diddy I don’t understand how she was attracted to Diddy. "He said, ' If I could turn back time, things would be different! This is when a friend like Gwyneth should be stepping in to shut it down. I’d be the one in her face telling her don’t go back there, step away from the phone.

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