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by  |  03-Feb-2015 18:00

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that Bradley Cooper went out to dinner with Little Miss Dimples herself, Rachel Mc Adams.

I kind of thought “oh, whatever” because I was pretty sure that Rachel was still dating Josh “Matching Dimples” Lucas. The print edition of ) that Rachel and Josh are Splitsville.

They cite a report that Josh was in a club recently trying to, in Lainey’s words, “f-ck his way through his heartache.” Rachel and Josh have been dating since January, so they had a half-decent run of it.

Do you think the fact that they were the most dimpled couple in Hollywood got to them? Because according to Us Weekly, Rachel and Josh are over. [From Lainey Gossip] I’m kind of hoping this is true, and they’re really broken up.

It ended eventually and for a while there, especially this past spring, it looked like The Notebook had been burned beyond recognition. He was spotted at some club the other day slobbering over a random, drunk and douchey and clearly trying to f-ck his way through his heartache. I’d say it’s a good possibility – they haven’t been photographed together in a few months.

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