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Here’s a fun hypothetical: Suppose you’re celebrating New Years in your Airbnb, possibly with your boyfriend or girlfriend, and realize that someone has been secretly filming you remotely on a live security camera that’s pointed right at the bed.

This is exactly what one redditor claims happened to him last night.

The camera was from Dropcam, a connected home security system by Google’s Nest. At Betabeat, we wondered what would happen should this day ever come.

They found the camera hidden in a mesh basket before promptly unplugging it, wondering if there was anything they could do to protect themselves. “Would be nice to get a refund on this rental, we do feel our privacy has been violated. After all, rooms rented through Airbnb occupy a murky grey area between guest room and hotel room.

The most popular suggestion from the thousands of appalled comments was that the couple call the local police or get ready to sue the host. On the one hand, homeowners have a right to surveil their own homes with nanny-cams.

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