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I am a young whore, i have been trained and currently have a real life owner. Preferably sadistic ones who not only enjoy giving physical pain but love psychological torture and really breaking down a whore. Hey everyone, back again for some more fun, good times, and dirty naughty fun ;) I love having a great convo with awesome people, nothing is better then having such a strong connection that is both physical and mental, makes things that much better if you ... I try and use correct spelling and grammar but my hurried ty... I hate writing these things, but I'll do my best to put something down here.

I am a young Australian geek who is into almost all things nerdy, I come on here to roleplay as well as chat.

I love a woman who is smart, determined, passionate and when I say "a bit on the aggressive side" I don't necessarily mean dominant, just someone who knows what she wants.

Hollywood actor James Franco claims that he is gay "up to the point of intercourse" and that rumors about his sexuality act as a "smokescreen." Franco, who has a self-proclaimed fascination with gay culture, shared...

The Gay Venice of America is a vibrant and exciting gay destination year-round.

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