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Some things that simplify things and make new things possible can be a bit hard to figure out.

By that I mean that I wanted to play any of my over 6,600 music tracks any time ... Once I set app-syncing up properly, the app synced to the i Pod as it ought.

without having synced them to the i Pod in advance. And here's how I started using it: Basically, working in i Tunes on my i Mac, I first had to purchase the Simplify Music 2 app from the i Tunes Store for $5.99, download it, and sync it to my i Pod. You can also buy the Simplify Music 2 app via the App Store on the i Phone/i Pod itself.

My i Pod holds just 8 gigabytes, while my music library is close to 30 GB in size. If you do, you can sync it to i Tunes, where it will then reside, waiting to be synced back to the mobile device if the need ever arises.(BTW, later on in this article I talk about how, owing to a problem I ran into, I had to rebuild my i Tunes Library database file, a process that unfortunately loses track of the i Phone/i Pod apps in i Tunes.

I have a Wi Fi network in my home that uses an Apple Air Port Extreme base station to (among other things) connect my i Mac wirelessly to the Internet as well as to a pair of Apple TVs, and I figured it could be used to stream music from i Tunes to the i Pod or Iphoe, too, right? I tried syncing my apps again from my mobile and wound up with no apps whatsoever in i Tunes on the mobile; apparently, you can sync an app "upstream" from an i Phone or i Pod Touch to i Tunes only once.

But never fear; when I went to the i Tunes Store and pulled up each of the apps I had lost, it was aware that I had already paid for them and it let me download them again, one by one, for free.)I had to download the Mac-based version of Simplify Media 2 desktop server software (there are other versions for other computer platforms) and install it on my i Mac. After starting it for the first time (I had already dragged it to my Applications folder and then put its icon in my Dock), I had to go through an initial setup process before it would pick up on my i Tunes music library and make it available for streaming to my i Pod.

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