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One minute I’m pitching a film about paedophilia to Deborah Pearson, the next I’m carving the face of Jesus onto a potato, and how I ended up in the back of a transit van perched on Santa’s knee and scoffing mince pies is still a mystery.

Perhaps it is a sign of our times that the pursuit of personal success drives a number of the encounters including Theatre State‘s motivational talk and Soren Evinson’s cynical competitiveness (don’t underestimate how hard it is to be this satirical in under four minutes).

Some of the best pieces subtly define the audience’s role from the outset, permitting them to instantly engage within the performance and get more out of it, rather than spending the first two minutes staring wildly into the eyes of the performer trying to work out what the hell is happening.

Yet with only four minutes to play with, even in the less defined encounters there is never really enough time to think about what you’re saying until it comes tumbling out of your mouth in all its inane glory.

Rather disconcertingly, but with hindsight perhaps not entirely unpredictably, playfully blurs the lines between theatre and reality.

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