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Meanwhile, there are whispers of a formal “schism” between the Vatican and SSPX followers — and Erich Priebke’s body has been buried in an anonymous grave.***“The history of the SSPX, like the history of the Catholic Church, is a beautiful mystery,” reads the official website of SSPX. Here’s what we know: In 1962, the Church opened its first ecumenical council in almost 100 years.

Critically, it also ditched the traditional Latin Mass — in favor of a mass conducted in vernacular tongues.

(Congregants would now have some idea of what was being preached at them.)During this time, one Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre grew deeply displeased.

Lefebvre had always flirted with the far right (he supported Marshal Pétain’s Nazi-collaborating Vichy regime during WWII) and so it was no surprise when he emerged at the helm of Council challengers.

Last month, a 100-year-old convicted Nazi war criminal died in Italy and nobody wanted to bury him.

Former SS captain Erich Priebke died under house arrest on Oct. Priebke had wanted a public funeral and Catholic burial — in contempt of the standard practice of cremating Nazi war criminals and scattering their ashes to the wind, or tucking them out of sight. Pius X (SSPX) is a fervently traditionalist Catholic sect: a Vatican breakaway with no official Church status, and the cause of much malcontent in Rome.

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