Tenchi muyo dating sim

by  |  28-Nov-2015 10:53

I know this game inside and out, except for one thing: the SPC700 code.

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Issues present in the original Japanese: • The controls are often sluggish and not very responsive. If you open this game and look inside, you'll see why it runs slowly: The Japanese programmers were very sloppy. It was also the same date the Tenchi Muyo RPG translation was born, with all the hype and feedback our translators received they quickly moved to work in this evil game.

It only took one week, yes you read right, just one week for the script to be fully translated.

And guided by the amazing hacker The Gun, the game was on its way to get released in no time.

In 2000, Lina`chan, Nuku-Nuku & Filia's Translations released an English translation of this game.

All of the Japanese text was translated, but the coding was unfinished.

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