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by  |  17-Feb-2016 07:58

Should I flash before installing the SSD and Win 7?Or just go ahead, boot, see how it goes and if all is well, update BIOS after through the BIOS interface on screen.I'm built in case now and ready to go with SSD installed but haven't powered on yet.

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Now, to answer the question: since the board does POST, the safest way is using EZ Flash in BIOS (download the latest file, unzip and save it on a USB drive, then just use the utility in BIOS). I haven't loaded any drivers or anything yet so that's next.

The link is for R2.0 With Flashback is similar, but, don't start the board, save the file on a FAT formatted USB drive, rename it to M5A97R20. I just quickly checked the Windows WEI and got a drive rating of 7.9!

CAP, connect the drive to the Flashback port nd press the button for 3 sec. Processor 7.5 (FX 6300) and RAM 7.4 (DDR 3 1600 cl8), but the vid card only showed up as 1.0!

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