Updating ubuntu live cd

by  |  18-Sep-2016 06:50

Pay careful attention during this step if your system uses a boot partition, uses multiple OS (more than 2), or chainloads bootloaders.

For systems with such a boot partition, it is best not to overwrite the MBR.

Ubuntu Maverick Meerkat runs well with as little as 384 Mb RAM.

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The installation takes between 3-4 Gb hard drive space, and 8 - 10 Gb will be needed to run comfortably.

(However, at least 25-30 Gb will likely be needed for routine usage.) If you have an older computer with less memory than this, consider Lubuntu (if 160 Mb RAM or greater), Puppy Linux (if 256 Mb or greater), or DSL (if minimal RAM, limited hard drive space, running from a USBdrive, or running from within another OS).

A user may experience problems dual-booting Ubuntu and Windows.

In general, a Windows OS should be installed first, because its bootloader is very particular.

A default Windows installation usually occupies the entire hard drive, so the main Windows partition needs to be shrunk, creating free space for the Ubuntu partitions.

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