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Normally, women produce about on tenth the amount men do. Weil "additional small amounts can dramatically increase the libido." For women who lack sexual interest and desire, the treatment can be life-changing." The emphasis being on 'small amounts' - easy does it! Absinthe was extensively used at the end of the last century as an aphrodisiac by many European, especially French, artists and intellectuals.The driving force behind this Bohemian absinthe cult was the French poet Paul Verlaine.

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In the UK, most bars limit absinthe to two shots per person. Beer One could have expected that beer, being a nourishing drink with an alcohol content low enough to make it easy to avoid over consumption, quickly would have gained a solid reputation as an aphrodisiac, but alas! According to Michael Jackson's Beer Companion, stout is seen as an aphrodisiac in some countries.

A possible explanation might be that beer (like all alcoholic beverages) lowers the production of the hormone vasopressin in the body.

This hormone controls, inter alia, the resorption of primary urine; less vasopressin results in less resorption and thus in frequent trips to the toilet, especially when large quantities of liquid have been consumed.

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