Vista keeps updating sql

by  |  24-Mar-2016 13:09

The subqueries effectively act as temporary tables or views for the duration of the primary query.

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When an alias is provided, it completely hides the actual name of the table or function; for example given query hides any real table of the same name for the purposes of the primary query.

If necessary, you can refer to a real table of the same name by schema-qualifying the table's name.) An alias can be provided in the same way as for a table. (This is especially useful for functions that return result sets, but any function can be used.) This acts as though its output were created as a temporary table for the duration of this single command. If an alias is written, a column alias list can also be written to provide substitute names for one or more attributes of the function's composite return type.

If the function has been defined as returning the returns all rows in the qualified Cartesian product (i.e., all combined rows that pass its join condition), plus one copy of each row in the left-hand table for which there was no right-hand row that passed the join condition.

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