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Stories & opinions on politics, travel, sport & whatever else you're looking for, you'll more than likely find it here.Colombia - where I'm currently resident - features prominently.Facebook: ' Wrong Way Corrigan - The Blog'. Sister blog f there’s one emotion we’ve come to tame, for the most part anyway, it’s jealousy.

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Yes there are times we might look at others and think things are going better for them in certain contexts compared to us, but we tend not to let it occupy our minds for too long. However in those very brief moments of envy, we get a feeling of what it must be like to live with jealousy practically all the time.

And it is certainly not a nice place to be in mentally.

Yet, from our own experiences and those of many we’ve talked to – both locals and foreigners, men and women – this appears to be a state of mind that a significant number of Colombian women (it may exist on the men’s side, but it’s something we don’t notice as much) live with on a constant basis.

Many will accuse us of wild generalising about this.

So we must say that of course it’s not all Colombian women that have these traits but there certainly does seem to be a higher level of it here compared to other places we know.

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