Whats an equivalent dating site to soulmates

by  |  01-Feb-2016 04:56

is a question that I’m asked pretty much every day by people who find it difficult to move past somebody or something not living up to their hopes and expectations.

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If we feel that we have met these conditions and yet our desires have not been realised, we feel wronged. That’s why when we go to such lengths to manage the potential for conflict, criticism, disappointment and rejection and then we still end up not feeling “good enough” and ultimately experience the gap between reality and our hopes and expectations, we feel so wounded by the We feel stuck because we just cannot understand what went wrong.

We had a map; we had a plan and we followed the route and the instructions to the letter – why the frick didn’t we end up at the destination?

Or, how come we got there and yet it doesn’t feel like how it’s ‘supposed’ to?

To accept that we may be using the wrong map and plan is terrifying because then, instead of focusing on the injustice, we’re having to acknowledge the flaw in our thinking.

We have to acknowledge that we misjudged things and that we have some learning and growing to do, and this may have very painful associations for us.

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