When to make it official after dating christian speed dating events in london

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If you’re happy that he’s the only guy you’re seeing, making the relationship official will allow you to continue to feel that way with none of the confusion that comes with undefined relationships. His friends think you’re together Have you ever had that moment where you’re out at a party and your hook-up’s best friend introduces you as his buddy’s girlfriend?

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“Make sure that question is asked, whether he asks it or you do, especially if you're unsure of what's going on,” says Suzette Bonas, a junior at the University of the West Indies.

If you feel uncomfortable making this a sit-down conversation, you can casually mention it as it happens.

Telling him that his friend introduced you as his girlfriend can initiate a conversation about where you stand. You’ve met his family Would you introduce a random hook-up to your family? If your guy introduces you to the people closest to him, such as his family or friends, it’s fair game to assume that he sees you as something serious, and it’s definitely time to make your relationship official.

Before you have the famous (or infamous) talk, see if any of these signs apply to you and your guy.

If they sound familiar, it’s definitely time to define the relationship! You aren’t dating other people If this guy is the only person you’re dating, it’s important to talk to him and make it official to avoid confusion down the road.

When to make it official after dating

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