Who is akon dating

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Rapper Akon was spotted on a gondola in Venice, Italy getting cuddly with his newest mystery chick girlfriend. Rapper Akon, who seems to keep a constant rotation of pretty chicks (and maybe wives since we know how HE rolls) on his arm, was spotted on a trip to Venice, Italy over the weekend.He and his mystery chick, who rocked a pair of studded-leopard Louboutin booties, took a long romantic gondola ride.The trip was one stop the couple made before Akon's concert in Abu Dhabi.

Who is akon dating

We're sure there's plenty more where that came from.

And he gave his chick the 5-star treatment too tweeting this pic, Everybody should direct their attention to the Freedom of Information Act or call him out on his paperwork from when he was incarcerated...

Not only is he a stool pigeon, he takes it face down which is why he needs to over compensate with all these jumpoffs…

Venessa.boo1, this isn’t her first rodeo and I am sure she didn’t meet him on a blind date in Italy….

So, let the meatball do her thing and stop wasting your time with this broken down RAT… I also uploaded my hot photos on -------------millionairetag.com --------------under the name of jeff1098..

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