Xampp css not updating

by  |  02-Jul-2016 12:34

I also checked to make sure nothing is locked down, and it's not. Tony Hi Tony As well as Jon's question can I ask that you confirm the theme folder (full of the appropriate theme files, like config.php) you are modifying is located in '/moodle/theme/' folder (eg. important;}, just to make sure your settings won't get overridden somewhere along the way.I also switched my theme from custom_corners to some others and tried to make modifications, but I came up with the same thing. Is there some specific process to updating these files that I may not know about? /moodle/theme/mytheme) and that you have sufficient rights to save changes to the files within the folder. hth Frank I was working on this bit of the theme code today, and that reminded me what is going on.

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If you clear the browser cache, you should see your changes.

When I was in Oklahoma City for the Moodle Moot there, I conducted a 2-hour theming workshop on local Windows installs.

Everything was going relatively well until it came time for the participants to actually change their theme and nothing happened. Tim - I tried clearing my cache on multiple browsers and didn't see any change.

I've found that I can't modify the design any of the pages in any of the themes. Also try a refresh and a cache clear, again I've been caught out here!

So I located the CSS for that theme and changed the color. Maybe there's a PHP that is overriding the config.php? What I do know is that none of the changes that I'm trying to make are sticking...(it sounds silly to ask but I have been know to alter a theme setting and get frustrated because I forgot to change it!

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